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It’s not too late for your life to bloom

Are you grieving the loss of your old parenting role? Or wondering if your dreams that were put on hold are still possible? Or just feeling guilty about wanting to focus on your own life?

It’s your turn to step into the life you’ve been dreaming of. I’ll help you adjust to your new roles, create a powerful vision for your future and take the first steps in turning that vision into reality.

Your goals will no longer be on the back burner. You’ll feel happier, inspired and motivated. Plus you’ll enjoy a new kind of connection with your children, yourself and your partner.

Your kids are beginning their new adventure. You can too!

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Honor the Past and
Step into the Future

You’ve just spent a couple of decades doing your best to help your children become independent adults. Now that they’ve moved out, feelings of excitement and anticipation as well as sadness, emptiness, and confusion are all normal. Whether you’re looking for new ways to support your children or hoping to renew your relationship with your partner, moving into this next phase can be challenging.

Together we’ll honor the past and grieve whatever loss you may be feeling. Then we’ll chart a course that’s in line with your values and energies and step into your next amazing adventure with purpose, passion, energy and  hope. In short, your nest won’t seem so empty.

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  • "Paul has a gift for being truly present, picking up on subtle cues and then asking questions that get to the heart of the matter. I'm so appreciative for the work we've done together and the support I've experienced along the way."

    – Leah
  • "Working with Paul was so beneficial to me. I was able to make important changes in my life that affect my well-being in such a positive way. I highly recommend Paul's coaching to anyone that wants to improve their life."

    – Brenda
  • "A truly gifted teacher. Paul has a unique ability to balance hands-on instruction and encouraging a student's self-exploration, all while inspiring students to achieve more than they thought possible."

    – Jill
  • "One of those rare persons who has the capacity to enrich everyone around him."

    – Brian O’Connell
  • "It really was a phenomenal session and I took a lot away from your questioning.  I am seeing the light on this matter and will continue to change my mindset whenever that darn little Gremlin shows up!”


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